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During my practice I examined the group of children of 9-10 year old. The children have been studying English for two years (the 3d form).

I used the test to receive some results and to point out the level of the forming of grammar skills on theme the degrees of comparison of adjectives. The test consisted of 5 tasks.

Task 1

The aim: to control the listening comprehension.


Agree or disagree.

1.    The elephant is the biggest animal.

2.    the biggest cat is the tiger.

3.    The monkeys tail is longer than the cats.

4.    Dogs are clever than cats.

5.    Cats are funnies than monkeys.

Task 2

The aim: to control the reading skill and the level.

The passage from Why Rabbits have Got Short tails (p.211 English I I.N.Vereschagina, T.A.Pritykina, ; , 1994)

Read and translate

Once there lived a Rabbit, His name was Bunny. He was grey and big, bigger than his brother Bonny. But he had no tail. And he wanted to have a long tail, longer than that of Mrs. Fox.

One day Bunny went for a walk. He saw Mrs. Fox.

Hello, Mrs. Fox, he said, Where are going?

Im going shopping.

What are you going to buy?

Im going to buy a tail.

But youve got a tail! I think its the longest and the most beautiful tail!

Well, but I want a new one, alonger and more beautiful one than my old tail.


Task 3

Complete the table.




The kindest







Task 4

Compare these funny fellows (picture 1)

Nick and Rick make statements on the given picture:

Weak, strong; thin, fat; short, tall; young, old; good, bad.

Task 5

Choose the correct word and copy the sentences.

1.    Lions are (clever, cleverer, the cleverest) than tigers.

2.    The (big, bigger, biggest) animal is the elephant.

3.    The giraffes neck is (long, longer, the longest) than the tigers.

4.    The (clever, cleverer, cleverest) wild animals are monkeys.

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