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The best of all possible worlds :

The best of all possible worlds :

School 14


Topic: The Best of all Possible Worlds

The UK

Student: Morozova. V. V



1       Title

2       Plan

3       Key words

4       Key word expressions

5       Spidergram

6-7My story

8 Literature


Key words
















Key words expressions

Main nationalities,

seaside resorts,

industrialized country.

Big and small homes,

beautiful prairie,

traditionally meals,

Popular drink,

contain collection,

England is capital,





Country Place Climate



The UK food


Subculture People Historical



My story

The UK has a four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It `s a rich country one of the richest in the world. The population of the UK is over 58 million people. The main nationalities are the English, the Wels, the Scottish and the Irish. In this country you are never very far from the coast and there are lots of seaside resorts. Great Britain is a highly industrialized country. New industries have been developed in the last three decades.

I `d like to live in England and it ` s my choice .I want to find a place, where I will live with my friends. This place should be hospitable and quiet city. Great Britain has 22 million homes small and big. I want to live in a small house. Small houses are comfortable and it is a good place for my lifestyle. Here I can choose a place for my future life.

One reason is that the weather is so good. It has a mild climate. It is never very cold or very hot. There are a lot of places, for example forests and plains, where I can relax with my friends. Great Britain has beautiful sights. There are many rivers. The main river is the Thames. Almost all the mountains in the UK are in the north and in the west.

Traditionally English people have three meals a day. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner. British breakfast is bacon, eggs or sausages followed by toast. Lunch is a light meal. The main meal is a dinner. A typical evening meal is a meat dish with vegetables and dessert. Tea is the most popular drink in Britain. I like to drink a cap of tea very much.

The UK has many historical places: various museums, Stonehenge, Liverpool - the city of ships etc. The most of interesting place for me is THE BRITISH MUSEUM and MADAM TUSSAUD`s museums. The British museum is the largest and richest museum in the world. It Contains one of the world` s richest collection antiquities. Madam Tussaud` s Museum is an exhibition of hundreds of life-size wax models of famous people. Here you can meet Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Picasso, the Royal Family, the Beatles and many others.

Another reason for my choice is calm and funny people. England is a hospitable and friendly country. The British are polite and patient. The British people love gardening, compromise and fashion to travel. A friendly smile is a common thing in the street. My favorite hobbies it is gardening too. I love a flower and growing vegetables. I am calm and cautiousness girl that`s why I would like to live in Great Britain.

The main reason is Subcultures. I want to say about a modern music culture. Subculture has many directions is a rap, rock, classic and pop music cultures. The most of popular in Russia it is pop music culture. But I write about England. I know that England is a capital and centre punk culture. The first rock-group was Sex Pistols. Sing in this group Yggy Pop. The largest colore punk cultures is pink and green.

Now to appear new cultures is a new romantic, industrial and alternative. The most of popular new wave is alternative. This wave it`s wave mobility and unpredictability. The main music fashion its psychedelic and acid rock. But I just love instrumental music by guitar.

E specially I like old music it is a rock`n`roll. I enjoy listening this music because it reflects moods and emotions. My favorite group is The Beatles. The Beatles its the famous group in the world. The capital Beatles is Liverpool the main port in Great Britain. England is the best of all Possible Worlds.


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