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TV: is it a good thing?

TV: is it a good thing?

TV : is it  a good thing ?


·        Introduction:

Mass Media are one of the most characteristic features of modern civilization. People are united into one global community with the help of mass media.People can learn about what is happening in the world very fast using mass media.

     The mass media include: newspapers,magazines,radio & TV.The most exciting and entertaining kind of  M.M. is television .It brings moving pictures and sound directly to people’s homes.So we can see events in faraway places.

     The name  “TELEVISION” comes from Greek word meaning “FAR” and Latin word meaning “ to see “, so it means “to see far “.

·        Advantages :

TV has good and bad sides.First of all it keeps people informed,we can learn a lot of information watching TV. We can choose programs that appeal to us more,because TV provides programs for all interest.Sometimes we can relax,entertain ourselves when we are tired.Moreover it’s stopes people feeling lonely,it is educational and cheap.Advertisement on TV gives us information about different products and it makes easier to choose things to buy.When we watch TV we learn about the world,famous people and global or recent news.

·        Disadvantages :

But  TV has a lot of disadvantages.It takes a lot of time and it makes us lazy.

Therefore it’s harmful for our health and bad for eyes.Some violent programs and films makes people violent.So VIOLENCE  become a vital problem.Watching TV takes all free time from almost all people.We just watch it,not concentrate,and waste time.

·        Conclusion :

In my opinion we need TV inspire of  it’s disadvantages.People need something like information center.As for me I like that there is great choice of programs and wide range of topics and  problems for discussion on TV.I think it’s important to keep people informed about almost everything.People must know important information because they can use it in useful and right way.

    So,all this shows that science can take good forms and evil forms.What forms does it take depends on the way people work with science.It is impossible to stop progress,to stop people to investigate and explore the world.But people should care  it wouldn’t be led in wrong direction.

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